Leveraging the Right Life Insurance for Your Situation

We often think of insurance as coverage for worst-case scenarios or even rainy days, but do we think of it as a financial tool?

A life insurance strategy can not only protect your family should the worst happen, but it can also potentially help supplement retirement income while providing a legacy for your heirs. From preservation of assets to an accessible stream of income when needed, life insurance can be an important wealth-planning tool in the right hands.

Get informed with our webinar on leveraging life insurance as part of your financial plan with Carsons Jamie Hopkins, Director of Retirement Research, and Matt Lewis, Vice President of Insurance. Theyll go over:

  • How irrevocable life insurance trusts work as part of a financial plan
  • Comparing life insurance plans: term vs. whole vs. universal
  • How to use life insurance as part of estate planning
  • Where life insurance fits into retirement income planning

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